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Dura shield glass coating factory car protection tips May 08, 2018

Dura shield glass coating factory car protection tips

1. When parking in the open air, it is necessary to pay attention to whether or not there are trees in the surrounding area. When parking in the underground parking lot, you must avoid places where the pipes, air conditioners, etc. may be dripping.

2. Just bought a new car for two or three years, you can use 701 multi-functional finish glass coating for car to protect the body, but also easier to clean and maintain.

3. When driving on the road, see if there is asphalt sunning or there are other liquid contaminants in the front. To slow down, it's best to go around slowly.

4. After parking, the best protection is to cover the car with a blackout cloth.

5. When the rainy season is frequent, be sure to clean the vehicle in time to avoid sun exposure.