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CLC Group Background Nov 02, 2018

CLC Group Background

The CLC Group is the world's second largest manufacturer of glass film, with remarkable achievements in research and technology development, optimized production, global distribution and customer service. Suntek (Shengke) film professional glass film is produced according to strict quality standards, the surface is scratch resistant, and the performance warranty remains unchanged for many years. Authorized installers are qualified to recommend the best film for different requirements, ensuring that the quality of the film is installed to the highest standards.

The CLC Group employs 500 people. There are only more than 50 people specializing in production, more than 300 people are engaged in technology research and development, and more than 100 people are engaged in sales. The CLC Group headquarters and major manufacturing facilities are located in Martinsville, Virginia, USA, with more than 320,000 square feet of production space. CLC Group has passed the prestigious International Metal Processing, Coating and Composites Association Certified Member, American Interior Designers Association, Special Equipment Market Association, Australia and New Zealand Window Film Association. CLC Group has the second largest global sales volume, the fastest growing rate in the world. Explosion-proof membrane manufacturer. And for many of the world's well-known architectural glass film brand and automotive film brand substrate or semi-finished products suppliers, has the industry's most powerful membrane technology research and development center.