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Can KISHO Glass Coating products be constructed separately? Apr 23, 2018

Can KISHO Glass Coating products be constructed separately?

Each of our Coating products can be individually constructed,

Can also be superimposed on the construction of two products.

It should be noted that the KISHO Si-701 multifunction glass coating product is the basic product that needs to be on the ground floor. KISHO Si-811 nano glass coating and KISHO Si-901 top ceramics glass coating products at the top.

Of course, the best products in the three products are the 901 model, so the recommended 901 construction is at the top. Finally with the X-03 product construction

If you choose to match the construction, then you can use the following order:

1,701 + 901 (this is our best with the proposal, affordable, the best results)

2,701 + 811

3,811 + 901

4,701 + 811 + 901

5,901 + 901

Of course, the last must remember to build X-03 products.